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    Scottish Ref's



    Scottish Ref's

    Post by Guest on Wed Nov 24 2010, 08:43

    Are going on strike this coming weekend. It seems the levels of abuse & criticism they are recieving so far this season has caused them to say enough is enough and left them fearing for their personal safety. I couldn't see this situation developing in England but it does prove that without Refs you have no game of football, just the equivilent of young boys in the park, jumpers for goal posts. Ref's do make mistakes, they are (allegedley lol) human and we all as humans make mistakes. I myself have been very critical of Prattenburg this season but on the other hand was very impressed with Phil Dowd on Saturday. Yes they make mistakes but that is part of what makes the beautifull game the wondefull theatre of spectical it is. I'm a bit of a luddite as I still feel very suspicious about the use of video technology being used during the game, but I still feel it is an idea that should be throughly debated. I suppose you have to accept that the Refs decision is final and live with it. On forums such as these we can do so fairly safe in the knowledge that we are not going to influence too much, but you only have to look at what clubs and the media can do; Anders Frisk & his family recieving death threats from Chelski fans after his somewhat erratic performance in the match against Barca in 2005; to realise they certainly have a duty to approach Referee's decision's in a fair way. The use of "slo-mo" by Sky and other TV companies has made every analyst an expert in Refereeing and they all feel they have a duty to make a big deal out of wrong decisions made. OK guys fair play but give the same coverage to correct decisions and also remeber when you where players and managers you made mistakes in real time football situations ! I am not advocating that Refs do not recieve any criticism and I shall continue to eff & blind if I feel they do wrong. I also feel managers & players should, with-in reason, be able to make comments after games but also that Refs should be able to answer these criticisms with why they made a particular decision and also to castigate players etc if necessary. For example, "I didn't see player A in an offside posistion impeding defenders B run so I maybe should not have allowed the goal" or "It's obvious player A was not interfering in video replays so I cannot understand why the manager is complaining". Or. "In real time the tackle looked like a yellow card but seeing it again it was an awful tackle that perhaps deserved red and at the very least I hope his manager will be having a word with him about the quality of his tackling in future", or "In retrospect a red may have been harsh but I did not realise the other player would have constituted the last man and should the club wish to appeal I am willing to review the decision". Statements like these would make Refs more accessable to fans & media alike. And also give an insight into why a decision was made and make for richer & better informed post game debate. To close this lil soap box spiel I am gladdened to see that after the Scottish FA approached Icelandic Referees, as it is their close season, in they hope they would come over and take charge of the matches in a wonderfull show of solidarity they refused . . . . .

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