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    Post by BazSpur on Thu Mar 26 2009, 01:24

    1. Be respectful to all posters. Banter is fine. The mods will remove abusive posts and persistant abusers will get a warning. There will be 3 warnings and then suspension for a week. Further abuse after suspension will result in a complete ban. Not just name but IP address. You have been warned.

    2. No swearing. Although I realise swearing is usual at footie, this is a forum and young kids may register. You can however rearange letters or insert dots or stars etc. i.e. Fcuk F**k.

    3. If you don't get on with anyone there is a friend and foe tab in your profile. If you click on foe and enter the person's screename it acts like ignore.

    4. No advertising of any sites allowed on this website unless authorised by a Moderator. However, links to match reviews, pictures, etc are ok. Anyone caught advertising without permission will be warned then possibly banned from the site.

    5.No racist words or terms will be tolerated

    Thats about it really. These rules are subject to changes I will email all members if the rules are changed.


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