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    Post by djfitzo on Tue Aug 14 2012, 02:42

    The silence is almost deafening!!
    Surely our whole season does not rest on whether we flog Modric for top dollar or not?
    We have one fit striker to start the season with 5 days to go, wtf is going on?
    No time to bed anyone in, just hope we aint playing a waiting game with Ade and was planning to go into the season with him and Defoe only.
    The only thing thats keeping me sane was watching Cheatski struggle yesterday with 48 midfield players and they got Oscar to fit in, they have only one front man too, as Sturridge plays like a winger.

    Re: Striker

    Post by BazSpur on Tue Aug 14 2012, 05:44

    No time to bed anyone in, just hope we aint playing a waiting game with
    Ade and was planning to go into the season with him and Defoe only.

    I reckon that is the case dj. Loads of rumours that Ade deal is on the cards.




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    And Tottenham, so close to my heart, is still to me the greatest club." - Bill Nicholson

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    'If Ossie Ardiles had gone to Arsenal, they would have had him marking the goalkeeper or something.' Danny Blanchflower

    Re: Striker

    Post by totalytot on Tue Aug 14 2012, 19:40

    In one of the papers yesterday it had AVB saying he will probably start the season with Defoe and Kane up front.
    That in my opinion would be a big mistake to rely on that formation for goals. Defoe is not the player of a couple of seasons ago but still a good squad player and Kane at 19 is to inexperienced to expect to get us off to a flying start.

    Even if we get Adebyor it still is not enough for a serious go at the league, especially as the top 4 or 5 clubs have been buying early.

    Maybe the club have been trying to get players in but they just don't want to join us, either for money or the fact we are not in the CL

    Like the rest of us I am more than concerned how we will start the season. Our first game at Newcastle is a real tough one especially if they start the way they left off last season.

    Mikey M

    Re: Striker

    Post by DJSR on Wed Aug 15 2012, 00:19

    Uruguay playmaker Gaston Ramirez has rejected an approach from Tottenham after not being satisfied with the wages he was offered. According to the Uruguay international’s representative, Spurs are the only side to have made a concrete offer for the Bologna striker, although Liverpool are believed to have shown an interest.



    Re: Striker

    Post by Guest on Wed Aug 15 2012, 01:39

    lol levy all over. would rather pay more and get someone better

    Re: Striker

    Post by totalytot on Wed Aug 15 2012, 01:51

    The trouble is Lought some one better would want even more money.
    It looks like Levy has his mind set on not spending this season and saving for the new ground.

    That's all very well but it's not much good if you are only middle table.

    Lets hope the youngsters come up trumps.

    Mikey M


    Re: Striker

    Post by Guest on Wed Aug 15 2012, 02:04

    but hes hardly spent since we got top 4.
    now chelsea and liverpool have got stronger
    Champions League
    Champions League

    Re: Striker

    Post by LOBO on Wed Aug 15 2012, 02:56

    Kane only has to score a couple and hes the new big thing , the find of the century , this is how it works, buying bucket loads of players wont work, look at liverpool , the papers make us out to be yet again in the market for every striker going , we should have had this done and dusted by now , the stadium project is whats behind all this .


    Re: Striker

    Post by Guest on Wed Aug 15 2012, 08:29

    lobo i know what you mean. any of the kids only have to come do well and they be billed as the next big thing. something harry didnt do much. he would loan them out first.

    imagine if gio gets a prem game and scores. people will be going wtf he been for the past 2 years.

    but we still need somone els.
    i hear we can get Fernando Llorente but they want close to 27mill.

    Re: Striker

    Post by totalytot on Wed Aug 15 2012, 19:47

    27 mil is par for the course for a top striker today and we have to pay it.

    You can't ask 40 mil for Modric who is probaby a 25-30 mil player in real terms and refuse to pay up for a top striker.


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    Re: Striker

    Post by Sponsored content

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