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    the hole



    the hole

    Post by Guest on Sun Dec 16 2012, 06:17

    so harry begs adel tarrabt to put club before country and not play for the african cup nations in january. but wait harry you cant turn down your country lol

    and today he moves him from the left wing to in the hole and he scores 2
    the second meant to be contender for goal of the season.

    thats 6 prem goals more then modric and hes still only 23.

    and now we hear man u are after him.

    that feeling of being proved right about the lad feels good

    Re: the hole

    Post by DJSR on Sun Dec 16 2012, 08:52

    wait a minute though lought, Tarrabt hasnt had a a very consistant season so far, he blows hot and cold, more cold than hot. If he took his big head off and concentrated on his football, he might actually get recognised more. He's missed quite a few games this season too for QPR. Also remember, he stands out more than the rest of the QPR team, because alot of their players are pretty average.

    It reminds me of Charlie Adam at blackpool, he stood out more because the team had pretty average players, and when he moved to Liverpool he got sussed out, average player. But when Tarrabt was at Spurs, there were much more quality players in the team, hence why he didnt stand out and he didnt like it.

    He's got skill and vision, but he needs to get rid of that big head of his, i remember he came out with remarks whilst he was at Spurs saying he'd wished he had signed for a*se-anal or he thought he was good enough to play for Barca or Madrid.



    Re: the hole

    Post by Guest on Sun Dec 16 2012, 09:03

    he was 17 when he signed for us. and hes still had more good games then bad. mark hughes had him playing left wing and making him track back all the time. yet he still got 2 goals then another 2 today .

    thats 4 goals in a poor team thats brought in loads of big name players and yet adel still 1 of there better players. how long has swp been playing in the prem yet qpr fans are caling him rubbish waste of money.

    most players get peed off and say silly things when they dont get in the team. yet he always says nice things about spurs on twitter.

    the guy is class and i rekon one of the big teams will be in for him soon

    Re: the hole

    Post by vis on Sun Dec 16 2012, 09:04

    Lought if he single handedly saves QPR from relegation then please tell us all 'told you so' but one good game does not a season make . . . . . .

    “I have been here since I was a boy, I have always considered it my Club and have always found it hard to imagine wearing the shirt of another team," Ledley King 2012 (any Spurs fan would say the same)


    Re: the hole

    Post by Guest on Sun Dec 16 2012, 10:21

    1 good game. hes had a lot this season but its because hes not scored the goals or the strikers have not put away the chances hes created.

    harry plays him behind the striker and he was awesome.
    lets hope he dont run the show aganst us again like he did last season.
    not many players can do what he can. i spose u perfer dempsey playing in the hole Very Happy

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    Re: the hole

    Post by Sponsored content

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