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    My Spurs



    My Spurs

    Post by djfitzo on Sun Feb 03 2013, 19:25

    Sorry to bore you all, but me and Lought seem to be at crossed swords a lot recently and hopefully this will explain why I post what I do and why, so here goes!

    I was born 1960 in Poplar, East London, so by rights should be a Hammer, moved to Islington when I was 4, so god forbid could have been a Gooner and then Moved to Seven Kings in Ilford when I was 5. Seven Kings being near Gants Hill and full of Jewish people and most my neighbours were Spurs and that's where it started, 40 odd years ago, watching the mighty Spurs on MOTD and the Big Match with Brian Moore. Went to games when I started work in the mid seventies and remember standing on the shelf losing to Arsenal in the league cup 2-1 after Clive Allen put us 1-0 up at Highbury, also remember many Boxing day drubbings of the Hammers with over 40,000 other souls, got my season ticket in the West Upper in the early eighties and in that time saw some good teams and lots of drubbings from Cheatski and many loses to Arsenal.
    Saw some great players like Hoddle, at his last game when he waltzed through the whole Oxford team to score, Gazza, the Allens,Waddle and when Telly Vegetables was manager we bought Lineker from Barca for one million, watch him score 30 goals a season for 3 years. Oldham in the cup, plastic pitch, won 4-2 got soaked as the only stand uncovered was away supporters and had to drive back from Manchester in me underpants cos me jeans was soaking wet. Me and me mate in the next round nearly missing the supporters train to Port Vale and promptly losing 2-1 on a quagmire of a pitch and thinking what a grey,depressing area the Potteries where. Stuffing Watford at Villa park in 87 in the cup semi and lying on my bed in Majorca after watching us lose to Coventry in a bar full of Brummies with possibly one of best teams I've seen at Spurs, Wife came along and saving for wedding/house swapped my season ticket for a members and going to all home games and the glorious semi against the a*se and with me vouchers the 91 final on me own. Since then and two kids and moving to Shoeburyness for my work, go to as many games as finances/time will allow. I used to be like you Lought and was very critical and saw too much into things. I've had some personal tragedy in my life and recently my best mate of over 30 years sister got stabbed to death by an ex boyfriend , so I have a different outlook on life, but doesn't stop me from f*cking and cunting at the telly when my Spurs are not playing well or lose, infact my wife can't watch Spurs with me when they are on! I'm lucky enough to have Sky, so watch nearly all the live games, so not just Spurs I am a footie fan. I used to be unbearable after a loss, but life has taught me that there are more important things in life, but it runs it f*cking close to my Spurs. I'm desperate for the new stadium as the old woman has promised season tickets when it does, just hope I'm still alive then! So I understand why Levy is trying to balance the books to achieve that.
    And now my point, after all the above I believe in AVB and the current squad we are on the cusp of something special at my beloved Spurs,so stop moaning and f*cking enjoy it lol!


    Re: My Spurs

    Post by Guest on Sun Feb 03 2013, 22:49

    nice read. and i am behind avb. i have been from day one.
    just think some people go over the top on some players.
    Champions League
    Champions League

    Re: My Spurs

    Post by ArnieArdiles on Sun Feb 03 2013, 23:34

    Have a rep Dave nice and sad read there ( by the way, reps are handed out by left clicking the plus sign in the top right corner of the said posts )

    [i]nice read. and i am behind avb. i have been from day one.
    just think some people go over the top on some players.

    And Loughtan , whilst I agree with you on what you say above , don't you think that maybe some fans also go over the top with their constant criticisms?

    And why so much with this Taraabt thing ? Are you like that with your Spurs mates . Like, when you meet up and chat about football or Spurs' last game , are you constantly bringing up Taraabt in your Spurs conversations?

    Re: My Spurs

    Post by vis on Mon Feb 04 2013, 02:46

    Fantastic read Dave. Thanx for sharing that. Rep from me as well . . . .

    “I have been here since I was a boy, I have always considered it my Club and have always found it hard to imagine wearing the shirt of another team," Ledley King 2012 (any Spurs fan would say the same)

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    Re: My Spurs

    Post by Sponsored content

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