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    What does the future hold for these players



    What does the future hold for these players

    Post by Boltjean on Fri Aug 02 2013, 22:09

    Forgive me if some of these players have already gone. With players coming in and others could be following, what does the future hold for these players. Lloris is first choice keeper but should we hang on to Friedel or Gomes who we can not seem to sell on but is a younger player, then there's Rose, Huddlestone, Parker, Ade, Defoe, Sigurosson, Holtby, Livermore, Townsend, Assou Ekotto, Carroll, and Naughton. I would like to see Sigurosson, and Holtby stay but in your oppinion do they have a future at the club?, and as for Rose he looks to be turning into a great little player but will he get the playing time?. All these players are on our payroll and unless we offload some of these it will cost the club vast amounts of money, players coming in, not much movement in the other direction.

    Re: What does the future hold for these players

    Post by totalytot on Fri Aug 02 2013, 22:28

    I think if they can sell some of them they will go.

    Rose unless we buy a left back I think he will be 1st choice this season.

    We are trying to sell Hudd but it keeps falling through but I think he will be gone befor the transfer window closes.
    Parker will go possibly Hammers or QPR.

    Defoe will stay as cover for Soldado unless a good offer comes in.

    Sig wil stay as a good off the bench man.

    Holtby we have only just bought so I can't see them selling but he hasn't impressed me so far.

    The big problem is Ade. We know it's only money that he's interested in and he will not move until he is paid his 170,000 grand a week. He would rather play with the youth team than take less. Nobody in the Prem wants him or will pay his wages so I think we are stuck with him unless some Russian or Middle East country comes in for him.

    They are just my opinion.

    Mikey M


    Re: What does the future hold for these players

    Post by Boltjean on Fri Aug 02 2013, 23:36

    I have only seen Holtby a few times on TV Mikey and have to say although I did not think him a great player he is a workhorse, full of running and covers every blade of the grass trying to win the ball. I would hang onto him along with Sig, if Bale goes and we get as part of the deal Real's left back I can't see Rose getting much playing time, as for Defoe will he want to keep the bench warm or will he play along side Soldado?. It looks as though Dempsey could be on his way out, I believe he has flown to America and apparently Everton are over there. I must say I am not sure I would want him to go over Defoe.


    Re: What does the future hold for these players

    Post by Guest on Fri Aug 02 2013, 23:43

    i not been inpressed with holtby either.
    stig looks to be the better player so far.

    surley gomez contract is nearly finnised

    i would keep hudd. loads of times last season he came on and changed the game.

    parker and jake would go before him if i had my way

    defoe can go if we get decent bid for him otherwise he will be a sub or play in cup games

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    Re: What does the future hold for these players

    Post by Sponsored content

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