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    Bale £78 mil ??


    Bale £78 mil ??

    Post by totalytot on Sat Aug 31 2013, 20:35

    Bale has gone for £78 mil to keep Ronaldo happy and stay top dog. So what was all the haggling about and hanging on for £100 mil?

    If that's true we ended getting £20 mil less than was expected. Maybe hanging it out until the end was not such a good idea.

    It also means Bale is going to find it difficult settling in especially with Ronaldo and Ozil's noise out of joint. He's a sensitive lad and this "Dream" move could turn out a nightmare. To many ego's at Real me thinks.

    Still happy with what we have just find it strange if the £78 mil is true that's all.

    Mikey M

    Re: Bale £78 mil ??

    Post by LOVELOVEROCKET on Sat Aug 31 2013, 21:08

    so many reports i heard 84m is that with ad ons who the fuck knows .lol

    mayb the installments payment methord fucked this all up.

    Re: Bale £78 mil ??

    Post by vis on Sat Aug 31 2013, 21:29

    I said ya buy one ya get one free . . . .

    “I have been here since I was a boy, I have always considered it my Club and have always found it hard to imagine wearing the shirt of another team," Ledley King 2012 (any Spurs fan would say the same)

    Re: Bale £78 mil ??

    Post by seebee1944 on Sun Sep 01 2013, 03:33

    If the installments have been loaded in such a way that we get more money up front and the rest earlier, then it's probably a better deal to take slightly less money. Can't believe Levy would take les to appease Ronaldo's ego.

    Re: Bale £78 mil ??

    Post by Guest on Mon Sep 02 2013, 09:26

    and now bale talking on hes twitter account.

    cant stand him.
    he only sign an extenstion last year to hes 4 year contract

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    Re: Bale £78 mil ??

    Post by Sponsored content

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