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    Vlad Chiriches



    Vlad Chiriches

    Post by Boltjean on Wed Sep 11 2013, 04:05

    I have watched a video clip on News Now of Vlad Chiriches in action, the clip is titled, Vlad Chiriches Tottenham's Newest Footballing Central Defender ( video ). I have to say he looks the Bees knees, brilliant, problem is I have not got a clue how to move it onto the board, perhaps someone could have a look who knows what they are doing and move it onto the forum, well worth viewing, if you have not already seen it.
    2nd Division
    2nd Division

    Re: Vlad Chiriches

    Post by Maximus on Wed Sep 11 2013, 04:59


    Re: Vlad Chiriches

    Post by Boltjean on Wed Sep 11 2013, 05:16

    Thank you Max, I just haven't got a clue with all this technology. I have a feeling this video might have been posted a week or two ago if it has sorry.

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    Re: Vlad Chiriches

    Post by Sponsored content

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