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    8 games in !!!!!!!!!!!!


    8 games in !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post by LOVELOVEROCKET on Thu Oct 24 2013, 09:13

    found this worth a read...............

    Tottenham currently sit 5th in the Premier League after eight games played but there have been some intriguing patterns emerging in their performances this term.

    What do you need to know about Tottenham, that you may not already?

    1) Shots on goal

    Spurs have had the most shots on goal, 144 in total, 19 per game on average, joint with Chelsea, across all 20 Premier League teams.

    2) Possession

    Spurs are also joint-top on possession so far – level with Manchester City with 59 per cent on average across the eight games.

    3) Take-ons

    Tottenham have completed more dribbles or take-ons than any other team in the league, 127 in total and 15.9 per game on average.

    4) Offsides

    They’ve also recorded the fewest number of offsides out of all 20 teams in the league – Spurs have been flagged offside just eight times all season, averaging once per game.

    5) Set Pieces

    Tottenham have scored the fewest goals from set pieces – along with Norwich and Swansea, Spurs have scored no goals from set pieces.

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    6) Penalties

    However, Spurs have scored joint-most goals from penalties – two so far along with Hull and Liverpool.

    7) Long Balls

    Tottenham have completed more long passes than any other team, averaging 72 long balls per game.

    Cool Bookings

    Tottenham players have been booked for ‘other’ reasons more than any other team – ‘other’ is anything that isn’t a foul, unprofessional conduct or a dive, which has happened on 5 occasions so far. These ‘other’ infringements can be fouls committed by a substitute (bizarrely), resulting from incidents not on the field of play, and resulting from incidents not occurring whilst the ball is in play, as well as time-wasting.

    9) Goals scored

    Spurs have, interestingly, scored more goals in the five minutes before or after half time than at any other period. 25 per cent of spurs goals have come in the period between 40 and 50 minutes played.

    10) Goals conceded

    Synonymously, Tottenham have conceded more goals in the period immediately after that than at any other time in the 90 minutes – 25 per cent of spurs goals against have been conceded in the period between 50 and 60 minutes played.

    What the stats mean…

    Overall, these stats paint the picture of a team with excellent attacking ambition, whose philosophy and system focuses on ball retention and possession at which they are successful, and a team that deploys long balls over the top to find forwards whose movement is intelligent and well timed but whose composure and finishing can still improve.

    The stats tell a story of a team that operates at an exceptionally high technical level with a very good understanding of the system they want to play and how to implement it successfully.

    However, they are yet to find a dangerous outlet for their set-pieces, tend to play fair and get fouled more often than vice versa and have a problem holding on to a lead perhaps due to complacency or a lack of concentration just after half time.

    Re: 8 games in !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post by vis on Fri Oct 25 2013, 06:05

    Fantastic find LLR. Great stats that clearly show how this current are evolving. Repped mate . . . .

    “I have been here since I was a boy, I have always considered it my Club and have always found it hard to imagine wearing the shirt of another team," Ledley King 2012 (any Spurs fan would say the same)


    Re: 8 games in !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post by Boltjean on Sat Oct 26 2013, 05:26

    Very interesting LLR, well researched.

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    Re: 8 games in !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post by Sponsored content

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