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    SHERWOOD (My Take)

    Champions League
    Champions League

    SHERWOOD (My Take)

    Post by SuneJim on Wed Dec 25 2013, 04:02

    Right let's get this right NOW Sherwood has been appointed our Manager I will support him 100%,,,,,,,,
    Having said that,,, I'm not happy with him being Manager in the slightest.
    1, You can't have a Manager that has no premier league experience learning the trade in a job like Tottenham that should be looking to at least get CL every season.
    2, In all the interviews he did as the stand in Manager when asked about the situation all he mentioned what was best for him. Every thing he said centred around Me, I, I, Me,,,,,,,,, not one mention of best for the TEAM!
    3, In his first game he dropped a massive tactical error. I have no problem with Adebayor being subbed as he hadn't played for a while, but bring on Soldado and stick with what's working. Not bring on Holtby and go Defensive with only one recognised CB in the Team. With that one decision we gave away all possession and momentum & West Ham went on to win and could have had 4 by the end. Rookie mistake and goodbye Semi Final.
    Finally does this stink of the Santini, Jol situation to anyone else,,,,,,, Only AVB lasted longer than he was meant to. Bring in a name to fail and then we'll be happy with anyone else after that.
    This reeks of very little ambition by Levy and I can't believe it's been passed by the board with the amount of investment in the Squad.
    But as I said at the start I'm Tottenham through and through & will support Tim Sherwood's Blue and White Army wholeheartedly and hope for the best even though I think this will all end in tears and could take us years to recover from,,, but I really hope I'm wrong.
    Champions League
    Champions League

    Re: SHERWOOD (My Take)

    Post by ionman34 on Wed Dec 25 2013, 10:47

    18 month appointment Jim, roughly the same amount of time Van Gall has in charge of Holland isn't it?

    Conthpiwathy non?

    Re: SHERWOOD (My Take)

    Post by cstmrsking on Thu Dec 26 2013, 06:13

    Lets wait and see.

    2nd Division
    2nd Division

    Re: SHERWOOD (My Take)

    Post by philip on Thu Dec 26 2013, 11:08

    I think it is a bold move alright but I think we should give Tim Sherwood a chance. He cannot do worse than previous foreign managers.  
    Jim I know he was talking about himself but to be fair:
    1. He did state that the decision should have been made to take into account   of  the club interest  as well,  remember he already had a job as under 21 development technical manager why should he be used as sacrificial lamb to warm up a seat for someone else
    2. He knew that he was putting his head on the block, I admired his brave decision to bring a rookie substitute that he trusted when playing against Southampton.  This showed that he has the balls and is not afraid to fail.  The reason we lost against West ham is because the players  did not follow his instructions
    3. To me the main culprit is Baldini and to some extent AVB.  What the f** buy Lamella for 30mil when he cannot settle after 6 months, don’t you think the director of football should have known.  Baldini should be Shawn the door.
    4. AVB states that some of the signing ware not approved by him, he should then made a strong case against it or resigned. I do not blame Levy at all this time.  AVB  was given a chance to continue but  declined, you could see his body language during and after the Liverpool match that he was only waiting to be put off his misery
    I would rather we have given Tim a chance than someone like Fabio Capello a pal of Baldini

    Re: SHERWOOD (My Take)

    Post by LOVELOVEROCKET on Thu Dec 26 2013, 21:56

    # just another name on a long list of mediorce managers since the nicholson days............ Sad

    think big act small why i hate my club at times.............

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    Re: SHERWOOD (My Take)

    Post by Sponsored content

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