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    I am so glad



    I am so glad

    Post by Boltjean on Wed Dec 25 2013, 06:43

    I would just like to add my opinion on what has happened to this club over the last week. I was not happy at all with the sacking of AVB and I am certainly not happy with Levy's hire and fire policy, Sherwood is now our eighth manager since Levy became chairman. We blame the players and managers but I believe Levy should be held responsible for the shambolic way this club is run. He sacks a manager for a couple of bad results. I agree the football wasn't pretty to watch under AVB but feel he deserved more time. There are those of you that can remember decades ago our team getting a bashing, but the chairman kept faith with the manager, and supporters got behind both the team and manager. One manager had some terrible results in one season, 1-5 away, 0-4 home, 1-4 home, 1-4 home, 1-4 away, 1-5 away, in a run of seven games we picked up just 1 point. In another season under this manager we had 2-7 away, 1-4 away, 0-4 away, 2-4 home and another 2-7 away defeats. Under another manager, 2-4 away, 2-8 away, 3-5 away, 0-4 away, 0-5 away. Under his reign we also had 0-7 away, 0-5 away, 2-5 away 0-5 away defeats. Not good at all, but I thank God that Levy and many of the supporters of today that follow the club were not around back then because these two managers would have been sacked and Levy would have dropped a almighty clanger because between them these two manager's won 10 trophies while managing Spurs, Bill Nicholson and Keith Burkinshaw. And also, back then we did not have supporters saying that they did not want a Chelskiscum reject, just as well as both Bobby Smith and Les Allen were both signed from Chelsea and scored 51 goals between them in the double season and 295 goals in total for Spurs. Yes, I am so glad I followed Spurs back then and proud to have stood by the team and manager through the good times and bad.

    Re: I am so glad

    Post by totalytot on Wed Dec 25 2013, 08:38

    Well said my friend and I agree wholheartedly with what you say.

    I was not a AVB fan and thought his style of football would not get us anywhere but we can't keep changing managers and Levy has to take most of the blame as the buck has to stop with him as the man who hires aswell as fires.

    I'm an old fart also and remember those great days and you're so right about what would we have acheived with Billy Nick and Burkinshaw if Levy had been the chairman? The answer is nothing. He picks the wrong managers and wants to get involved in the buying of players. I'm afraid his ego is going to ruin this club.

    Mikey M


    Re: I am so glad

    Post by Guest on Wed Dec 25 2013, 11:14

    well said.

    i think avb lost heart at the end.

    its a shame because i wanted him to do well
    Champions League
    Champions League

    Re: I am so glad

    Post by ionman34 on Wed Dec 25 2013, 11:35

    From what I've been hearing, AVB had put a few noses out of joint behind the scenes.

    Apparently he was extremely arrogant and rude to many of the staff, ostracised the 1st team away from everyone else, banned Sherwood from training sessions and was at loggerheads with Levy.

    Whilst I too really wanted him to do well, I never subscribed to this Tosh about him not getting the players he wanted. He was given a squad that any coach would dream of moulding. We have quality everywhere so the complaints just don't fit for me, it smacks of excuse making, which the likes of Bill Nic and Burkinshaw never made.

    My belief is that the sacking was not just for the poor losses and slow football, that was just the straw that broke the Camel's back.


    Re: I am so glad

    Post by Boltjean on Fri Dec 27 2013, 05:56

    In all honesty, I can not understand how Levy is still allowed to be the chairman of our club Mikey. I believe that any manager needs at least two seasons to prove that he can deliver. Now we have a eighth manager under Levy in twelve years and we are still no further forward, and at the moment it looks like we are going to be a mid table club this season. He sits in the directors box looking as though at times he is pissed off with it all. Well I for one am getting fed up with the way he treats the managers as scape goats, sacking them without giving them a chance while he keeps his job, a right smug bastard. Well I can't wait for him to come unstuck

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    Re: I am so glad

    Post by Sponsored content

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