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    SEASON SO FAR (My Take)

    Champions League
    Champions League

    SEASON SO FAR (My Take)

    Post by SuneJim on Tue Feb 11 2014, 21:14

    Now I'm not happy with a lot of things at Tottenham this season, something has seemed off from the start of the season that I just couldn't put my finger on.
    We've changed from a Manager I thought should never have got the job to one I just can't stand.
    We can't argue that our most expensive signings have not (lets say) had the impact we'd have hoped for in Soldado and Lamela.
    Let's not forget Bale leaving was a hell of a blow, regardless of the money brought in.
    We've had some terrible result's home and away against Man City & the Liverpool home loss was a particular low point. Only positive was it saw the end of AVB, so imagine my horror when Shitwood was announced as our new Manager signalling for me the powers that be, had all ready given up on the season.


    Let's look at it, after saying all that and looking at all the upheaval and turmoil, we're 3 points off The Top 4 and 9 off Top Spot, which I know isn't in our grasp before anyone has a pop lol.
    There is after tomorrow nights match against Newcastle 12 matches left, so we have a decent chance of still making the CL, which after what we've been through this season even I can't moan about.
    Liverpool have had there best season in years and the demolition of Arse-nal on Saturday was extremely impressive. I think the squad isn't strong enough for a proper title push but Top 4 should really be on the agenda. But they are still only 3 points above us, That is just amazing to me.
    Arse-nal now have a hell of a fixture list to contend with and that could end in there season imploding right in front of them. I'm sorry but Ozil on Saturday just didn't want to be there. In face I don't believe he wanted to sign for you lot fullstop! That's why it went so late, on transfer deadline day, he was waiting for anyone else to come in for him. All he knew is he had to leave Real.
    Chelsea are coming good and looking more like the sort of Team Mourinho likes with the addition of Matic, a powerful and pacey unit with the mentality he installs in players are my new tip for the title
    Man City have had a couple of not so good results, mainly down to injuries, Aguero is a big miss, Fernandinho knits the midfield together and even Nasri has looked good this season. Get them fit and they will get back on track to finish at worst 2nd.
    Everton, were unlucky against us and if they'd have had a proper out and out striker on the pitch it may have been different. But will there or there abouts to the end.
    Man Utd I'm confident will not be playing in the CL next season unless they do a Chelsea and win it. They are to far behind. Good going forward, terrible defence.
    So when I look at all the that,,,,, how can I complain really about Tottenham when we're where we are,,,,,, so come on Spurs one final push till the end of the season, let's not go out wondering. Might even stop calling Tim, Shitwood to do my bit for support lol.

    Re: SEASON SO FAR (My Take)

    Post by LOVELOVEROCKET on Tue Feb 11 2014, 21:59

    1. to many times swapping players. not settled 11.

    2. to many out of form players.

    3. struggle to create chances in the final part of the pitch.

    4. all to static. no off the ball movement and closing down quicker.

    5. selling the wrong players or putting them on loan.

    6. tim sherbert refusing to address the left back spot .

    7. more 4-0 5-0 raping when they say we learnt but clearly ever season we keep getting them.

    8. keep waiting ever week to see us play LEAST ONCE us playing well for a full 90 mins.


    Re: SEASON SO FAR (My Take)

    Post by Boltjean on Wed Feb 12 2014, 05:44

    Great post as usual Jim, a good summing up as to how our season is going, and LLR, you have made some good points especially letting players out on loan, I would have kept Holtby in our squad, he had a very good game for Fulham against United and made a great pass for there first goal.


    Re: SEASON SO FAR (My Take)

    Post by Guest on Wed Feb 12 2014, 05:57

    well said jim.

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    Re: SEASON SO FAR (My Take)

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