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    Which players?



    Which players?

    Post by Boltjean on Sat Mar 01 2014, 06:03

    Now I do not see the games many of you see, but when I have I feel there are certain players who we have to hang on to at all cost. Lloris, Vertonghen, Sandro, if he was not Brazilian I would think he was related to Dave McKay, a real power house, Eriksen, my man of the match last night, Ade, Soldado, I have faith in him, Chiriches and Paulinho. Then there are those players that make me think to myself, are they of the quality that we need to be successful, Townsend, Lamela, a bit unfair here as perhaps given time he could turn into a great player, Walker, Kaboul and Bentaleb. And lastly players that I feel should move on, Rose, Lennon, Capoue, Naughton and Friedel, is it time for him to hang up his boots. Now I do not expect any of you to agree with me, this is just my opinion, but I would be interested to know who you feel we need to keep at all cost, and those that are just average players?.

    Re: Which players?

    Post by totalytot on Sat Mar 01 2014, 07:01

    The way we are playing at the moment If they all left I don't think I would be to unhappy.

    Seriously though the only ones I would want to keep out of the whole squad are LLoris, Walker, Eriksen, Paulinio, Sandro and Vertognen. The rest can leave and we can start a fresh. Then we all know it is not that simple and to long a process.

    However as I said the other day no CL and a lot will probably be gone anyway. The trouble is they would more than likely be the ones we want to keep. There have been mentions of Vert and Lloris going in the summer already.

    Mikey M

    Re: Which players?

    Post by DJSR on Sat Mar 01 2014, 20:42

    Players to keep: Lloris, Walker, Vertonghen, Chiriches, Fryers, Lennon, Paulinho, Sandro, Eriksen, Townsend (he will come good, still learning), Adebayor, Soldado, Lamela and finally Bentaleb (although its still early days for him, he looks comfortable on the ball, but not ready to make first team yet, subs bench at best!)


    Re: Which players?

    Post by LOVELOVEROCKET on Sun Mar 02 2014, 00:40

    lloris - rushes out to much for me , will be be big lost if he did leave ? not sure.

    naughton - not level player we need to get 4th.

    vertoghen - needs better player side of him.

    vlad - seen enough to think he be good in time.

    kaboul - to injury prone best to move on me thinks.

    fryers - we need better.

    holtby - workhorse need keep .

    lennon - should been sold , before new contract impact sub at best.

    dawson. should been sold , great servent but no pace anymore.

    sandro . need the steel in midfield must keep at all costs.

    eriksen - same as sandro build team round them .

    townsend - hit / miss player , still young give him few more season.

    paulinho - not sure of his best postion ,needs sort his shooting out .

    bentaleb - nice touches , been played to much but boy has talent.

    lamela - enigma , young nice touches , shown nothing so far , young , 50/50 if to sell him or not ?

    soldado - plays better with player side of him , first season nice toaches comes to deep to much needs goals lacks cofidence and better service of midfielders wingers. needs another season prob.

    adebayor - season saver if his heads right keep him just hope the penny dropped great plyer on his day.

    walker - out of form but strong ,pacey neeeds tidy up his defending duties.

    chadli - bit like lennon bit better crosser . prob sell him.

    dembele - silky player but slows our play up . would sell if better out there.

    rose - we just need better in this postion .

    next season need a proper left back left , a class creative midfielder and left winger .

    Re: Which players?

    Post by BazSpur on Sun Mar 02 2014, 02:22

    I would keep Kaboul if he can stay fit.
    Lamella, needs to be given a proper chance.
    Soldado, like others I think he will come good.
    Sandro, well, what can you say about the man......BEAST.
    Paulinho, has the makings of a great box to box player.
    Holtby because he is a tryer and he loves Spurs.
    Dembele, he gives us another option in midfield.
    Vertonghen, goes without saying really.
    Naughton, I really think he can be better.
    Walker, can still offer a lot.
    Eriksen, definately keep him. He is beginning to show what we all expected him to be. He was our best buy in the Summer.
    Bentaleb, he will get better.
    Chiriches, I think he will get better.
    Lloris, best goalie in the Prem at the moment.

    Sell, Lennon, lost anything he used to have.
    Ade, never wanted him, yes he is scoring at the moment but he has taken the piss too much in the past. Sell him but only if there is someone better out there. If not use him
    Chadli, don't do it often enough for me.




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    Re: Which players?

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