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    My biggest fear



    My biggest fear

    Post by Boltjean on Tue Apr 22 2014, 05:53

    I know I will probably be the only one to read this as it feels these day's that all the posters have been abducted by aliens. Anyway, nearly the end of the season and it looks as though all we are going to get out of it is to be rewarded with a place in the dreaded Europa Cup, I don't think United want to compete in it and would be happier finishing seventh as would I. When does it start, July?, I for one hope we go out in the early stages. The end of the season could see us parting company with Sherwood thank God, a manager that loans out a player who gave his all for the club when playing, Holtby, and has now dropped another, Sandro. What worries me is come the end of the season who else will we be parting company with. Vertonghen and Lloris both state they want Champions League football, so does every player in the Premiership, could Levy be tempted by a big money offer for Eriksen?, also will Paulinho and Holtby move on?. Then there are question marks hanging over Soldado and Lamela, will they be happy to remain at the club or are they thinking they would be better off at another club as they have found it hard to adapt to life in the Premiership. Again what worries me is what we will be left with and could lead to us struggling next season, Rose, Naughton, Dembele, Fryers, Dawson, and players currently out on loan Carroll, Livermore and Ekotto. At the beginning of the season we all had a dream, finishing in the top four and playing in the Champions League, I now fear that we are now about to be faced with a nightmare in the coming months.

    Re: My biggest fear

    Post by totalytot on Tue Apr 22 2014, 08:42

    I'm still here Len and I agree with you about being worried about our future.

    I posted on here a couple of weeks ago that this season has set us back at least 5 years. We have missed a golden opportunity to move forward and establish ourselves as a top 4 team.

    Just a couple of seasons ago we were in the last 8 of the CL and looking forward to a great future. We had Bale and just needed a couple of players to make us a really strong team. Levy dithered Again in the transfer window and we didn't get the striker we so desperately needed.

    Then when Bale goes we buy to many ordinary and quote many players of the same style and ability.

    When you look at how Liverpool have built a great side with half our spend when everybody said they had no chance in top 6 let alone winning the fucking title. Then of course there is Everton no money just a couple of loaned players and of course a very good manager.

    The future certainly doesn't look good for us at the moment and I agree most of our top players will probably leave in the summer especially after the world cup shop window. Possibly 5 or 6 like Vert, Eriksen, Paulinio, Lloris, Soldado and maybe even Walker.

    To be honest the way most of them have played this season other than Eriksen I don't give a shit if they do go. Most have played like spoilt brats.

    In my opinion even if there is a mass exodus in the summer it's unlikely we will atract any top players without us being in the CL.

    We have become a joke with the media and other supporters the way we spent and wasted 100 mil and acheived nothing.

    I think it will be a long way back if we ever get there at all.

    Mikey M

    Re: My biggest fear

    Post by superkaboul on Tue Apr 22 2014, 08:59

    anyone notice everton are playing a young center back whos 19 and is doing well

    plus barkley ossman naysmith and the best left back in the prem in leighton bains.

    anyway it looks like we may have missed out on the dutch manager now it looks like david moyers has been sacked. he will prob go to man u now.

    anyway back to levy it just goes to show that if you keep your best players you can win the league.

    Re: My biggest fear

    Post by superkaboul on Tue Apr 22 2014, 09:03

    please no lol

    Re: My biggest fear

    Post by cstmrsking on Tue Apr 22 2014, 09:18

    Thats not a bit Funny!

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    Re: My biggest fear

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