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    west brom

    west brom  Empty west brom

    Post by superkaboul on Sun Sep 21 2014, 23:22

    Tottenham Hotspur

    01 Lloris
    03 Rose
    06 Chiriches
    15 Dier
    04 Kaboul
    29 Capoue
    19 Dembélé
    22 Chadli
    11 Lamela
    23 Eriksen
    10 Adebayor


    05 Vertonghen
    07 Lennon
    08 Paulinho
    09 Soldado
    13 Vorm
    16 Naughton
    42 Bentaleb

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by superkaboul on Sun Sep 21 2014, 23:22

    decent team although i want soldado to start.

    its good we are not rushing verts back

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by superkaboul on Mon Sep 22 2014, 00:20

    well that was poor
    our defence is looking bad again
    only bright notes is capoue and eriksen

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by superkaboul on Mon Sep 22 2014, 01:21

    taking off dembele then bringing on paullino lol

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by superkaboul on Mon Sep 22 2014, 01:37

    and thats why mourino the best manager in the league. he wont wait 60 mins to make a sub if hes teams playing bad. its like some stupid football rule that you have to make subs around 60 mins.

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by totalytot on Mon Sep 22 2014, 02:33

    It's the same old same old. All the possesion and no end product.

    There are no surprises with this team you know exactly how they are going to play. If we do then the opposition certainly do.

    No ideas, no plan and beaten by a team that hasn't won for 8 games and likely to be in a relegation fight as we may be unless we get it together.

    But we do have some average and overated players and of course no strikers. If WBA can beat us at home and the hammers can beat Liverpool 3-1, who we lost to 3-0 at home then we could be in for a long worried season.

    I know a lot will say it's early days but the signs are there I'm afraid.

    Mikey M
    Conference League
    Conference League

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by dartbreakid on Tue Sep 23 2014, 04:40

    words fail me they really do............... Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by Boltjean on Tue Sep 23 2014, 05:08

    Early days Mikey. Oh to be a United supporter, how I wish we had LVG at Spurs along with Rooney and Van Persie. I do hope and pray we are not going to start getting on the managers back so early in the season. Poch will turn our season round I am sure, and I believe it will start with a victory over Forest followed by a win over the gooners. Re WBA, I think there will be quite a few of these kind of results in the Premiership this season, we have had our's, United, Everton and Liverpool have had there's over the weekend, they will turn there season round and so will we, I certainly believe we will never play as badly as this again this season.

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by superkaboul on Tue Sep 23 2014, 05:50

    the manager should be given 2 seasons at least to get things right.
    we cannot keep sacking managers. look at avb hes in the champions league and hes team won 2 0 away to benfica last week and hes players are now coming good.

    the only thing that worrys me is kaboul captain now makes him undropable

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by seebee1944 on Tue Sep 23 2014, 19:30

    I don't think Kaboul is undropable just because he is captain, he still has to perform and isn't. Problem with the defence is that Poch keeps changing it and needs to stick with (and decide) which two are best centrally. I can't understand why Verts was on the bench, if he wasn't fit, he shouldn't have been there and if he was he should be automatic choice. Dier is doing ok but isn't really a right back but a cover central defender and Rose just simply can't defend.
    Midfield problems persist, Eriksen doesn't look the same player, Lamela love his little flicks and skill and works hard but still has to prove himself. Dembele just slows the game down as does Paulinho but he does get into the danger area more. Capoue is too slow and Chadli is no winger.
    However I do think it will all come right with more playing time. We have results like this every season usually not so early so now we have got this one over we need to push on starting this week cos if we play like that again, Woolwich will slaughter us.

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by totalytot on Wed Sep 24 2014, 02:53

    Poch has to stay and I don't think even Levy will fire another manager so quickly. It's not the manager that's the problem it's the players. We bought a bunch of average players who with the exception of Lloris none would not get into city or chelsea and even the arse teams.

    You talk about our season kick starting with Forest Seebee but I don't think the players are good enough to win many matches this season.
    We sell players we should keep like Caulker, Holtby and even Dawson and keep others that we could get good money for and who arn't good enough to play regularly like Townsend.

    They say that Poch pushed for a striker but Baldini balls it up AGAIN!

    When you think that Welbeck was just 16mil and Remy 10 it's a no brainer isn't it? Those two up front might....I say might....have brought out the best in the MF if they have any.

    It would be madness to sack the manager at any time this season. He has to stay with him and see if he can get the best out of a very average lot.

     Mikey M

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by seebee1944 on Wed Sep 24 2014, 21:04

    So far I haven't heard anyone calling for the manager to be sacked, most agreeing that it is the players. However in most cases I wouldn't agree that they aren't good enough, yes Rose and Townsend, but not many others. How often in the recent past would many of our players have got into the top four sides mainly due to money that they have and we don't.
    I agree we need a striker but the two you mention Mikey, Welbeck (who isn't a 20 goal a season man anyway) didn't want to come to Spurs, obviously swayed by the Englan training session at London Colney and Arsenal players getting to him and is Remy really that good.

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by superkaboul on Thu Sep 25 2014, 02:22

    we wont get a new striker untill we sell someone.

    why would they want to come and sit on the bench and only play in the uefa cup/ league cup

    poch wont drop ade
    Champions League
    Champions League

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by shearspur on Sat Sep 27 2014, 08:08

    I went sunday the atmosphere was awful to be honest, this Europa league is slowly killing us. we need Saturday football and a permanent team unless injury dictates otherwise. the chopping and changing does us no favours its like a team of strangers not knowing where anyone will be. kaboul is no captain , I never heard him shout anything all match or galvanise the players when we went 1 down. no creativity in midfield. rose , lamella and lloris only players can hold their heads high after that display. if we don't finish top four this season pray we don't get in Europa again either , its like a slow death.

    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by totalytot on Sun Sep 28 2014, 03:31

    I believe the only way this side can improve is by playing the same 11 each match including cup and europa matches. If there are injuries so be it you then bring in others from the squad. That way they get used to each other and play as a unit. A side that plays as a team can cover up it's short comings and at the moment we have quite a few.

    This constantly changing 8 or 9 players each week is complete madness and leaving us in chaos.

    Mikey M

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    west brom  Empty Re: west brom

    Post by Sponsored content

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