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    Points system.


    Points system. Empty Points system.

    Post by BazSpur on Thu May 21 2009, 00:51

    The Reputation System.
    If you look to the right of any post you will see a + and - sign. If you click on the plus sign it will give the poster 1 point (known as a reputation point). So if you like what they have posted you can reward them. If on the other hand you do not like what they have posted then you can click on the minus sign and you will deduct a point from the total thay have. So, in a way it is like giving posters a standing in the community. The more reputation points a poster has the greater their standing in the community will be. You cannot give yourself points though as you can only see other posters + and - signs.


    If you look just below the post count you will see the total of points you have. These are not the same as reputation points. These are points you gain from the forum every time you post. The more points we amass as a community the greater our standing will be on search engines. Its the sort of thing bots look for when they read the site. The points are also a way of increasing standing in the community as they reflect the amount of posts and topics you have put up.
    Below is an outline of how the points system works.

    Points are generated by the number of posts
    - Points are generated by the number of topics created
    - Points are generated by the number of friends that the user has
    - Points are generated by Reputation points
    - Points are generated by the registration date of the member
    - Points are generated by the number of messages on his/her profile.




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