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    Toronto 2 Spurs 3


    Toronto 2 Spurs 3 Empty Toronto 2 Spurs 3

    Post by totalytot on Thu Jul 24 2014, 18:46

    Just watched the Spurs game against Toronto and you can never read to much in these pre-season friendlies but there were a couple of positives and a couple of negatives.

    A positive was 2 good goals from Lamella and every encouragement that he may be coming to the sort of form we expected after his big money move to us last season.

    Ben Davies had a steady old game and looked a great aquisition.

    But there were 2 outstanding negatives for me one is in defence, we still look very vunerable at the back as we did in the second half of
    last season. Dawson and Fryers were woeful when they came on for the second half and it showed we need at least one good CD and 2 if Vertongen goes as looks likely.

    The other was Soldado. He is a passenger hardly ever in the game staying to far back for a striker. Even the commentator said he never seems to get involved in a game.

    We need at least 2 new strikers. Soldado isn't going to cut it Kane works hard but is not quality and missed a couple of sitters Falque is another that's not going to make it and Adebeyor....who didn't play incidentally he has never know which Ade is going to turn up.

    Eriksen still looks quality and Townsend scored a good goal to clinch victory after we had let a two goal lead go.

    My opinion is we badly need reinforcements in defence and Davies is a start but 2 more are needed. Plus a couple of strikers and we could be looking at a good season, without them it's 7th at best.

    There are only 3 weeks left to kick off and all the top clubs have been buying we need to start now. Hopefully Pochitinno has players in mind and will bring them in soon....but don't hold your breath.

    Mikey M

    Toronto 2 Spurs 3 Empty Re: Toronto 2 Spurs 3

    Post by vis on Sat Jul 26 2014, 08:01

    By all accounts Llama was superb, Davies slotted in well and the rest of the defence was shite . . . . . . . .

    “I have been here since I was a boy, I have always considered it my Club and have always found it hard to imagine wearing the shirt of another team," Ledley King 2012 (any Spurs fan would say the same)
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    3rd Division

    Toronto 2 Spurs 3 Empty Re: Toronto 2 Spurs 3

    Post by superkaboul on Wed Jul 30 2014, 02:48

    we was awfull second half. fryers and dawson all over the place.
    plus towsend kept trying to run and shoot all game

    we need to buy a center back

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    Toronto 2 Spurs 3 Empty Re: Toronto 2 Spurs 3

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