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    Arsenal Empty Arsenal

    Post by seebee1944 on Sun Sep 28 2014, 21:14

    Much better defended deeper and better and restricted them to a few chances which Lloris handled well. Kaboul was massive mom for me and Mason made a difference in midfield.
    First half thought they had possession but we were better and had the best chances, Chadli in particular mis hit shot when clean through. Second half scored then defended well conceded to a goal that started from Lamellas sliced clearance but even then were a bit ubnfortunate that Wellbeck didn't connect cos it would have gone nowhere near. Then it drops staight to Ox and by his own admission he nearly missed.
    Overall a good point which I wasn't expecting just a shame we got 6 bookings and will be fined. On that, it seems that the punishment for celebrating a goal is the same as a terrible tackle (Chadli and Wilshere).

    Arsenal Empty Re: Arsenal

    Post by totalytot on Mon Sep 29 2014, 03:34

    A much better performance than last week against WBA.

    They played with a lot more passion and flair and the defence was 100% better. Kaboul was oustanding I just wish he played like that each week.

    They have to drop Ade he is just a total waste of time. It's the same every year once the transfer window is closed he doesn't give a fuck.

    He is and never has been a team player and the sooner the management realise that the better the side will be. I'm not a great lover of Kane, I just think his ability is limited but he always gives his all and tries hard and I would sooner see him given a chance or give Soldado a long run. Either way it would be better than Ade.

    Lamella flatters to deceive but he did make the final pass and Eriksen was dissapointing again and seems much to lightweight.

    But with the exception of Adedontgiveatoss who I would mark a minus the rest played like a team and was very encouraging.We could so easily have won it.

    Mikey M

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