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    WHAT IS GOING ON (My Take)

    Champions League
    Champions League

    WHAT IS GOING ON (My Take)

    Post by SuneJim on Mon Apr 07 2014, 20:02

    Now I saw a joke the other day a picture of a lorry with a Spurs picture on it & the caption "beep, beep Tottenham reversing" Not particularly amusing. because to be honest it's pretty much bang on.
    Since the sacking of Redknapp, which had to be done, because he just couldn't keep his mouth shut, every decision that's been made has been to the detriment of the CLUB!
    AVB brought in instead of my choice of Martinez, now look where we are and Everton are under him. AVB had all ready failed dramatically at Chelsea so why did we think he could do the job for us? A half decent first season, but lets face it Bale papered over the cracks and we couldn't really deny the one man team tag, even though we did lol. For as long as AVB was in charge we've struggled to score. So not the right appointment from the start.
    Then the embarrassment of Shitwood and his Wife Bentapleb. The whole episode is just unsavoury from the start, to the finish, which I hope with all my heart is soon. Form his childish tantrums and public condemnation of the players he's shown he's got no idea what he's up to. Amateur Hour is over he has to go.
    Sell Bale ok I get that, but the money should have been spent better. Baldini was brought in and the rumours are didn't bring in most of the managers choices and went off on his own agenda, how was that allowed. So we end up an extensive array of talent that has not only never played together before, but not in the Premier league either which is a very demanding league and in my opinion is nowhere near working even yet. Even when I try picking a Team for a game I change my mind every five minutes so what chance does a manager have really.
    So where do we lay all this, i'll tell you where, at Mr Levy's Door!
    You can't keep employing sub-standard Staff (managers) and products (players) and getting it so wrong and not be joining the dole queue, so how has Our Daniel managed to keep his hands so clean with all this going on.
    So with all this it should be a damned articulated lorry backing up at a hell of a rate of knots,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    So come on Tottenham Hotspur at least get us into a position over the Summer to get into a forward gear, even if it's just first,,,,,,
    Please help me I can't carry on drinking like this lol.

    Re: WHAT IS GOING ON (My Take)

    Post by totalytot on Mon Apr 07 2014, 23:01

    I totally agree Jim it's what I've been saying all season. The buck has to rest at Levy's door. But he owns 27% of the club so he is unlikely to be moved unless Lewis says he has to go. I did read that he (Lewis) was very dissatisfied at what was happening at the club and was going to take more hands on but considering he never goes to a game I wont hold my breath.

    As I said on another post Martinez and Rogers have shown what a club can acheive with the right man in charge.

    We should have kept Bale and built a team aroun him the way L'pool have with Suarez.

    I worry how far we have slipped back and how long it will take us to get back to where Redknapp had us. I agree he had to go but we should have built on what he had done so far like 1/4 finals of the CL.

    Mikey M

    Re: WHAT IS GOING ON (My Take)

    Post by superkaboul on Tue Apr 08 2014, 01:53

    s this damage limitation from the club in regards to Tim's recent interviews. Trying to save face for potential managers, players or investers.

    Sky Sports News ?@SkySportsNews 8 mins
    Sky Sources: Tottenham to replace Tim Sherwood in the summer. See #SSN for the full story


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    Re: WHAT IS GOING ON (My Take)

    Post by superkaboul on Tue Apr 08 2014, 01:53

    please take les with you


    Re: WHAT IS GOING ON (My Take)

    Post by Boltjean on Tue Apr 08 2014, 04:48

    Good post Jim, but do we need all this change of manager. Can we expect to see another 8 or 10 managers in the next 10 years as we have in the last. Sherwood to be replaced in the Summer, does he need to hear this now while still in charge?, no matter what we think of him it's disgusting he has to learn of this via Sky Sport and the media. Jol did not know that Levy was about to sack him but all the supporters in the stadium that evening did. I hope and pray that one day Levy will fall on his sword but I will not hold my breath. Now there is talk we may get the Southampton manager, what's his name. Ponchino?, can't talk a word of English and what has he achieved in the Premier League. We should have gone for Rogers or Martinez although at the time I was not sure we should have done, they are doing a great job.

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    Re: WHAT IS GOING ON (My Take)

    Post by Sponsored content

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