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    Everton (My Take)

    Champions League
    Champions League

    Everton (My Take)

    Post by SuneJim on Thu Feb 06 2014, 22:34

    We have Everton on Sunday,,,, we're doing our best to shoot ourselves in the foot and miss out on CL Footy again, but if we really do have designs on a TOP 4 finish, it's a must Win for me. It's a game we have the quality to win.
    But it depends what team Shitwood picks. He has to stop persisting with Bentaleb, while I have no doubt he's going to be a fantastic player, he's been ineffectual against Arse-nal in the Cup & Citeh. I've also heard rumours of players not understanding why he actually is being picked week in week out,,, which doesn't bode well. So for the good of the player himself I hope he gets a break for this one.
    Now we're told Townsend is now fit, but has he learnt when to release the ball and he doesn't have to take on half a team before releasing the ball, because if he has I would welcome the Player back. Plus while I love Dawson and all he's done for us over the years and his no nonsense defending with a big smile on his face, we now have better and Shitwood needs to be brave enough to drop him but I can't see it.
    So for me it has to be,
    Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Rose
    Paulinho, Dembele
    Lennon, Eriksen, Townsend,
    Friedel, Dawson, Chiriches, Sandro,
    Chadli, Defoe, Soldado.
    Now I know me calling Shitwood ,, Shitwood has caused a few problems with others but I just can't stand the bloke and a few good results were never going to sway me on that. But then his big decisions against Citeh like playing Bentaleb etc all contributed to the loss as much as the disgraceful Rose penalty and sending off. Then we only draw against Hull and he only brings one player off a decent bench. He showed he had no idea how to change things up to get a win. He's out of his depth and I'm worried. Plus in any interview he hasn't stuck up for the Team once he seems more interested in sucking up to the Media and written Press, certainly learned from Harry (Car Window) Redknapp another worrying sign.
    So enough of me moaning, Come On You Spurs.

    Re: Everton (My Take)

    Post by totalytot on Fri Feb 07 2014, 09:36

    I don't think Kaboul is anywhere near fitness Jim. I thought I saw he had another setback and would be out for a few more weeks. To be honest with his constant injuries I'm not sure if he will ever be in the form he was a year ago.

    Mikey M


    Re: Everton (My Take)

    Post by Guest on Fri Feb 07 2014, 10:01

    this is kaboul second season hes hardly played. he had all of the summer to get fit and hes still having problems. desesions need to be made on him.

    walker chirches verts rose

    lamela paullino erikson towsend
    soldado ade

    Re: Everton (My Take)

    Post by seebee1944 on Fri Feb 07 2014, 21:00

    His contract runs out this year as well so technically he can start looking for a new club. Spurs don't seem to have opened negotiations so I wonder whether we have seen the last of him

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    Re: Everton (My Take)

    Post by Sponsored content

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