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    Positive news

    Positive news Empty Positive news

    Post by seebee1944 on Fri Jul 11 2014, 03:17

    So, Hugo Lloris has signed a new 5 year deal thats pretty positive and a statement of ambition.

    Great news as far as I,m concerned

    Positive news Empty Re: Positive news

    Post by totalytot on Fri Jul 11 2014, 06:00

    I agree Seebee he's one of only 2 players I would be looking to keep and I hope the other one Eriksen stays. The rest of last years signings can go as far as I'm concerned.

    We don't seem to be going after anyone at the moment while the rest are buying up everybody. Liverpool set their sights early last year and they nearly won the title and they're doing it again this year. All the top clubs have bought players already and are still buying. Even the Arse have signed 2 top players.

    I just hope our new manager doesn't think the players he has at the moment are going to win anything because he will be very dissapointed

    In my opinion we need to get rid of 6 or 7 players and bring in 3 or 4 new ones.

    We certainly need a left back and we are still looking for a top striker or two plus a central defender. Get them in and we could be looking at a good season otherwise it's 6th or 7th again.

    Mikey M

    Positive news Empty Re: Positive news

    Post by seebee1944 on Fri Jul 11 2014, 20:18

    Don't seem to be after anyone? According to the media I think the last count was that we were chasing 36 lol.
    Seriously though, as you say, we still need to address the full back and striker situation.

    Positive news Empty Re: Positive news

    Post by Boltjean on Sat Jul 12 2014, 01:26

    Great news about Hugo Lloris. He was a player I thought would leave in search of Champions League football, it just goes to show that he believes he is at a club who he thinks can achieve a top four finish or higher this coming season. He could now encourage others to stay, Eriksen, and Vertonghen who might think about leaving, and others to sign, now make him captain. I agree Seebee about bringing in a class full back but do not think we need to get shot of six or seven players. I believe those players we signed last season that under performed will turn out to be class signings this coming season, and that includes Soldado. I think the future is bright for Spurs but must admit my big worry is the Arsenal, although it hurts me to say it, I honestly believe they will win the Premiership. I pray I am wrong.

    Positive news Empty Re: Positive news

    Post by totalytot on Sat Jul 12 2014, 04:57

    I agree about the Arse they seem to be buying for a change and could be top 4 again but I doubt if they'll win it. That should be City and Liverpool again with Chelsea along side.

    I don't agree about last season's signings coming good Len I honestly think that most of them were overpriced and overated. Capoue, Chadli (rubbish),Chiriches(had very few good games and looked vunerable at the back, to cavalier) Paulinio (never played like he ever wanted to be here and had a shocking World Cup) The same could be said of Vertognen second half of season you could tell he wanted away and it looks like Barcalona will buy him. The two I would keep are Eriksen DEFINATELY and I would give Lamalla another season as he came with so much hype and he's still young and he might just come on under Pochitino who has a reputation of bringing young players on.

    I hope we bring in 3 or 4 players but we seem to be lagging behind as usual. The only player I heard we went after a few weeks ago was O'shea from Sunderland and he turned us down...thank goodness.

    Mikey M

    Positive news Empty Re: Positive news

    Post by seebee1944 on Sat Jul 12 2014, 21:17

    Arsenal not sure don't forget they have had a couple leave as well. Liverpool without Dracluis Suarez I just can't see them being as potent although they still have a lot of money to spend and seem to be hijacking our move for Ben Davies. Chelsea have definitely strengthened and I see them winning it next season.
    Anyway backto Spurs I think Eriksen will stay, the one that intrigues me is Vertonghen. Last season was a pretty off one and his seeming lack of interest worries me, that sort of attitude can only be bad for morale. Now he's had a good world cup, playing in the position he didn't want to for us soif we do sell it should be for a high price. If David Luiz is worth £50million then Jan must be at least valued at that.

    Positive news Empty Re: Positive news

    Post by vis on Sun Jul 13 2014, 10:32

    Ben Davies Swansea LB was a rumor early last week . . . .

    “I have been here since I was a boy, I have always considered it my Club and have always found it hard to imagine wearing the shirt of another team," Ledley King 2012 (any Spurs fan would say the same)

    Positive news Empty Re: Positive news

    Post by BazSpur on Mon Jul 21 2014, 05:17

    I too think our signings from last season will come good. Let's face it they couldn't be any worse. Players like Lamela, Soldier and Paulinho don't become bad players overnight. Let's not forget there was a lot going on in the club last season. 7 New players came in and were expected to gel straight away. Come on, that was never going to happen. Then AVB going and rookie Tim taking over. We were lucky to finish 6th IMO. We'll see.




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    Positive news Empty Re: Positive news

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